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Let's be frank, there are many online drapery hardware suppliers to choose from.  So many, that sometimes it is overwhelming to make a choice.  

What will you find at The Drapery Hardware Company that sets us apart from the rest?  

You will find knowledgeable staff with backgrounds in Interior Design and Architecture as well as Product Development.  You will not be another caller dealing with an automated service or with a Customer Service representative that does not have specific product knowledge.

We look at our client's needs knowing their needs are as individual as they are, and address them as such.  

Many clients become disheartened after costly mistakes when purchasing drapery hardware for their home or business.  Our Design and Drapery Hardware Team will help you find the perfect product and solution for your needs, saving you time and money.

Custom Curved and Architectural Rods

Specialty and custom windows add value and Architectural detail to your home, and let’s face it, all of us Architecture and Design buffs, fall in love with the beauty and uniqueness of historical buildings and their grand details, such as Turrets and elaborate mouldings.

But when the time comes to dress those windows, frustration and a few choice words will prevail.  To say that it is difficult to find the perfect drapery hardware solution for unique specialty windows is an understatement.  We have seen many a homeowner give up and resign themselves to paper shades or ill-fitting drapery hardware.

With 30 years of experience in the business, our Design and Drapery Hardware Expert Team will guide you and help you find the right hardware design for your Arch, Bow, Bay, Turret and L-Shaped Windows.

Our Design Expertise, guidance and estimates are free of charge, and a purchase is not required.  

Give it a try!  You have nothing to lose, well, except bare windows.

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