Custom Curved and Bent Rods

What is a Custom Curved or Bent Rod?

A Custom Curved or Bent Rod is a rod that is curved to fit the specific curvature or angles of your specialty window.  

What is considered a Specialty Window?

Arch, Bow, Bay and Turret Windows are considered specialty windows.  Due to the curves and angles within the design, they are windows that cannot be addressed using standard straight rods, either at fixed lengths or telescoping.

What are the available options for Specialty Windows?

There are non-decorative custom curved or bent traverse rods as well as decorative rods in many different styles and finishes to suit every decor.

How do I determine what option is best for me?

In one word - Functionality.   The first step is to determine how you want your rod and drapery to function.  Do you want fully operational drapery for privacy and light control?  Or do you want stationary drapery panels to dress the windows and enhance the decor scheme of the room?

Our Design and Drapery Hardware Expert Team can help you find the perfect solution for your window application.  We can help you save time and costly errors by finding the appropriate products to suit your needs.

This is a special service offered to our clients and what sets us apart from the rest.  You will be working directly with knowledgeable staff with backgrounds in Interior and Product Design.  

The best part - this service is free of charge as are our estimates.