Custom Curved Rod Quote Request

A Custom Curved Rod Quote request is fast and simple by following the step-by-step instructions below.

Quote requests are processed within three (3) business days.  To ensure your request is fulfilled in a timely manner, please provide all the information required.  Please keep in mind, a quote cannot be prepared without actual measurements.  The measurements are solely for quoting purposes.  If you choose to proceed with an order, a template will be required for the fabrication of the actual rod.  As this is a custom made product, a template ensures the rod will be a seamless fit to the exact curvature or angles of your window.


1. Determine your type of window from the diagrams below.  Once you determine the diagram that matches for your specific window type, follow the diagram as a guideline for the measurements.

2.  Determine how you would like your drapery to function.  Do you want operational drapery for privacy and light control?  Or do you want stationary panels to dress your windows? If you will be using existing drapery, please provide the type of drapery you will be using.  For example, if you plan to use Grommet drapery panels, we will need to know the inside diameter (the size of the opening) of the grommet to ensure the rod diameter will be appropriate.

3.  Determine the finish and style preference. Is your design esthetic traditional, contemporary or transitional?  Do you have a specific rod diameter in mind?  Rod diameters for custom rods are available from 1/2 inch up to 2 inches in diameter. What finish do you envision within your space?  Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, White?  There are over 36 beautiful hand-applied finishes available to suit any decor.

4.  Take photos of you window.  Photos taken from varying angles will be helpful in assessing the adequate type of hardware required.

5.  Once you complete Steps 1 through 4, prepare your information following the checklist below.


a.  Window Type (Arch, Bow, Bay or Turret)

b.  Window Measurements (taken following the diagram’s instructions).  You may use the Bow Window diagram for Turrets and Arch Windows as well.

c.  Drapery Function:  Fully operational (open and close for privacy and | or light control) or stationary (drapery panels that flank the window for decorative purposes only).

d.  Rod Preference (Diameter), Style Preference (Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Transitional, Eclectic), Finish Preference (I.E. Black, Silver, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, etc.)

e.  Window Photos.  

f.  Special Comments or Concerns.

6.  Lastly, email your information to  


Custom Two Angle Bay Window Rod

Custom Three Angle Bay Window Rod

Custom Four Angle Bay Window Rod